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  • SEO
  • RIA Apps
  • WCAG Accessibility

Toronto Web Design, SEO, E-Commerce, & IT Solutions.
......Since 1995

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



Website Design & Programming

Using cutting edge technology to build websites either from grounds up or with exsting platforms.
Delivering optimized solutions for your needs!

  • Customized site functionality
  • PHP/mySQL Programming
  • WordPress installation, customizations and updates.
  • Web Services and API Integration


Search Engine Optimization is as imperative to your site as the code and the content of it. After all if you're not ranked high on Google (ok, maybe Bing too...), then what's the point of investing in your site ?
By providing White-hat SEO , where there are no short cuts, no cheating, no purchasing of traffic, etc... , I make sure the SEO solutions are sustainable and authentic.

WCAG Accessibility Expert

Having worked on multiple projects requiring WCAG Accessibility implementations, I am an expert in providing solutions @ A, AA and AAA level compliance.


Built & managed multiple sites with existing platforms such as Zen-cart, Os-Commerce, etc... , as well as writing customized shopping cart and catalague solutions for clients.

About ....

I am so excited about this version of my site . In the past I've tried different technolgies to build the site, such as CodeIgniter, WordPress, etc... , however I was never satisfied with any of those versions because they didn't feel authentic! In this version I built everything from scartch.

The structure of the site is built on HTML5, CSS3 & BootStrap. I use SaSS to build the CSS using variables & Mixins. Couple of Fonts are imported from Google Fonts.
Font-Awesome is used for icons.

Site functionality is backed up by JavaScript through jQuery.
Chart.js is used to build some fancy charts.

All Portfolio data is stored in a JSON file, then they're parsed through Mustache.js for templetizing purposes , then injected into Modals !
I'm really proud of the Portfolio section as it's completely dynamic. The ordering of the elements is manipulated through CSS Flex, so I don't have to worry about the order of elements within JSON.

Technolgies Used on this site


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